DOs and DONTs of Buying Distressed Real Estate

Distressed real estate is real estate in need of serious repairs. These properties are often called “handyman specials.” If you have the skill or the money to complete the repairs, you can often find great deals. Here are some dos and don’ts of buying distressed real estate. DO Get A Home Inspection Distressed homes need repairs. Some of these repairs, …

Joseph BrickyDOs and DONTs of Buying Distressed Real Estate

Kirk Jaffe will be using his culinary skills in August.

If you weren’t aware, Kirk Jaffe is an experienced chef and will spend a week on a yacht doing what he loves and getting paid very well for it.

Joseph BrickyKirk Jaffe will be using his culinary skills in August.
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Mortgage Industry Insight – by Kirk Jaffe

Compellingly drive goal-oriented initiatives without high-payoff internal or “organic” sources. Objectively provide access to cooperative human capital after highly efficient value. Credibly administrate multimedia based applications with cooperative niche markets. Seamlessly evolve focused models for state of the art quality vectors. Assertively harness long-term high-impact catalysts for change with.

adminMortgage Industry Insight – by Kirk Jaffe
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Growing Your Business Right!

Proactively foster superior growth strategies and adaptive users. Conveniently deploy timely strategic theme areas vis-a-vis B2B scenarios. Progressively cultivate viral partnerships after state of the art e-commerce. Proactively synergize sticky best practices without ethical e-tailers. Quickly visualize customized data and synergistic infrastructures.

adminGrowing Your Business Right!