Whether your idea is to purchase a home in Malibu or just refinance what you already have, our team at Kirk Jaffe will make sure that you get provided with all the tools you would be needing to get this process started in the correct manner. From applying, getting it approved to managing it ideally, we are here for you through it all.

Read the below-mentioned points to know how our process works:

Loan Application: In this step, you will ascertain what kind of loan works best for you. You can work both online or offline. Our experts will contact you and the procedure will be taken care of. To make your application easier, you can talk to our consultant and share your financial information to acquire a piece of expert advice on it, quickly.

Exploring the options: Our experts will match your financial condition with the most suitable mortgage option. We will not just analyze the costs and rates but will also ascertain which type will benefit your situation the most. We usually provide the borrowers with a handful of options so they can make a decision on their own.

Verification: Your information will once be checked and verified with the banks so that we can move towards the end of the procedure. Since this is a mandatory step, we try to work on it as soon as possible so that anything that comes off as an obstacle can be resolved quickly.

Loan closing: We provide our customers with the facility of closing their loan whenever and wherever they want. We educate them about it in detail in advance so that they are well prepared by the time they need to come into action.