Sherman Oaks

At Kirk Jaffe, we aim at making your home financing as seamless as possible. With our expert team by your side, you can relax as we handle each and every detail in a systematic manner. Our process is consultation driven, where we do not only solve problems but also educate the borrowers each step of the procedure.

Want to make Sherman Oaks your hometown? See how we can help you with it:

Expert consultation: We will help you get the right kind of mortgage. It is very important to land on a suitable and appropriate solution when it comes to being a borrower. Since this idea comes with a lot of burdens, we will make sure that we help you take it off by providing you with your need-based mortgage.

Time-saving: Our process is fast. We give you the opportunity to set your own place and time of closing because your convenience is our ultimate goal. With us, you can manage and handle your mortgage from your phone as all the details are sent to you over it. Not just this, but we will also provide you with online tools which can be used to keep a track of what you need from us, what has been done from our end and what is still left.

We believe in simplicity and hence we will never make your process complex by adding too much to it, unnecessarily. Since everything will take place in a systematic order, our expert team will keep you informed about it all, without you having to ask for it time and again.